Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Organic Store Finds - Mini haul.

So I paid a little visit to my beloved grocery store again, and I picked up some stuff - some mundane, a couple not - so I thought I'd share them with you!

For the mundane ones, I got some brown rice pasta, quinoa, a banana bread nakd bar and some organic salt & vinegar chips, but they're safely tucked away for now so I don't have a picture.

But I found two new bars that I hadn't seen in my store before, and these are it:

  • Lifebar - chocolate + green protein
  • Roo'bar - chia and coconut

Can we just comment on how exciting they sound? You're already getting the nutrients from the chocolate and the nuts in the lifebar but green proteins on top of that?! It tastes just like the normal chocolate and nuts bar that they have and it is    d e l i c i o u s ! Definitely recommend it!

Now the Roo'bar is something very new because I hadn't even seen the brand before, but I was really interested because it said chia (a little obsessed at the moment - I add it to almost every thing I eat!) I checked the contents, and literally the only things in it are: dates, dried coconut, chia seeds and lemon oil. How insane is that?! It reminded me of when I read the contents of things like snickers and I'd see things I didn't even know how to pronounce. So glad I don't eat that crap anymore! I haven't actually tasted this one yet but I'm currently munching on the lifebar so I'll maybe give you guys an update on this very post when I actually eat it.

(Update: guys that Roo'bar is the best thing ever. Lemon and coconut may be my favourite combination. TRY IT!)

So that's all for my very short and random haul. You guys neeeed to try the lifebars. They're so delicious it's actually ridiculous.

Until next time!

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